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THC Cannabucha Lemon Ginger (Case)

Introducting müru Cannabucha!!

müru cannabucha = Award winning SOMA kombucha infused with müru magic

Lemon Ginger Cannabucha is a bright, citrus forward flavor, with subtle hints of ginger to balance the taste of fruit and oregon grown cannabis. Naturally sweet with no added sugar this is the perfect healthy drink by itself or an incredible mixer for whatever mocktails you can dream up! 
Kombucha is a fermented, highly-probiotic elixir that is wonderful for the overall health of the body. It is naturally sweet and carbonated and contains billions of microorganisms benefiting: • digestion • detoxification • immunity • pain relief • allergies • weight loss • hormonal regulation • inflammation • skin health • mental clarity • stress
Its a delightful, fizzy, detoxifying mouth party that will get you lifted and energized in the most delicious of ways! 


Case: 12 Bottles
Bottle Capacity: 16.9oz Serving Size: 1.69oz
THC 5mg, (10 servings per container),
Activation Time 25 min.

Directions for use: Keep Refrigerated - Open Slowly - Breathe Deeply

Ingredients: Organic Green and Black Tea Cold-Brewed in Pure Volcanic Glacier Water, Organic Evap, Cane Juice (Needed for fermentation), Organic Ginger Juice, Organic Cold-pressed Lemon Essential Oil (Cert. theraputic Grade), Live Probiotic Kombucha Cultures, Cannabis Extract