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Highwater Strawberry Lime 25mg (Case)

Strawberry Lime -The rich berry flavor of organic strawberry with a subtle twist of lime are a perfect pairing in this refreshing drink.

müru's Highwater is a 100% natural cannabis water infusion beverage.  Oregon spring water is complimented by the finest organic flavors, sweetened with organic agave, and infused with our own in house broad spectrum distillate. This light, delicious water based cannabis beverage is a treat for the mind and the tastebuds. Always produced in house and never using any harsh hydrocarbons or chemicals like BHO or C02 at any point. True to the plant, true to the consumer.

Container: THC 25mg


Case: 49 Bottles
Bottle Capacity: 1oz

Serving Size: THC 5mg, (5 servings per container),
Activation Time 15-20 min

Sugar Free Water Soluble Concentrate.
Non GMO. No Artificial Colors or Flavors.
Sodium 0g, Sugar <1g, Carbs <1g, Fat 0g.

Directions for use: Best served chilled. Avoid exposure to sunlight. Store in a cool dry place.

Ingredients: Oregon Spring Water, Organic agave, Organic flavoring, organic citric acid, cannabis concentrate