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Product Information


What is this Müru, you ask?

Müru Canna-mixer is completely water soluble drink additive and designed to medicate your favorite drink! Just stir it into your beverage of choice to make yourself a delicious, fruity, medicated cocktail anywhere, anytime! It's great in sparkling water, hot and cold tea, juice, soda... it can even be stirred into plain water.



The THC molecule is fat soluble. Edibles usually take a long time to be effective because fat digestion is a slow process.

We developed a process that renders the THC molecule water soluble. That means that Müru can pass freely through the mucus membranes of your mouth, whole digestive track, and brain. It starts to pass into the blood stream as soon as you swallow it. Why does this matter?


The water soluble THC in Müru means 4 great things for us. It means that Müru is:

  • Fast acting - becomes effective within around 15 minutes.
  • It's up to 90% more bioavailable than other medibles, meaning that up to 90% more of the THC you drink becomes active in your body.
  • Bioavailability means more bang for your buck. You have to take less than other edibles.
  • Müru is truly water soluble, meaning that it can be stirred into absolutely any liquid without the oily separation of other drink mixes and syrups.

We wanted to offer something different, no added sugar, no artificial anything.

  • Naturally sweet
  • Colored with beet, cabbage and turmeric
  • Flavored with fruit extracts and concentrates sugar-free, soy-free, corn-free, wheat-free
  • Because Müru is both sugar and wheat free it is safe for celiacs and diabetics alike. Don't worry, we've tested.