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Introducing gravity provisions granola squares in two galactic variations sativa infused peanut cluster and indica infused cocoa comets

Gravity is the powerful force that keeps our bodies from drifting off into space. Our products are enhanced with cannabis to help your thoughts float freely

Hand Crafted with All natural ingredients, no preservatives, no protein powders or GMO products. 
Our granola Squares are high in protein, high in fiber and use an amazing recipe codeveloped by the very popular Awesomebars creator Leah Melnik.

Discretely prepackaged in an OR state approved exit bag our 10mg squares easily break down into 5mg portions which is perfect for microdosing to your exact specifications. What is your favorite dose?

Mix and match flavors with our Squares as they are carefully infused with either sativa-dominant or indica-dominant terpenes to help maximize your experience. Bring some on your way up the mountains and into the clouds

Available to the Oregon universe now

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