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Why water soluble?

The water soluble THC in Müru means 4 great things for us...
Müru is:

  • Fast acting- becomes effective within around 15 minutes.
  • It's up to 90% more bioavailable than other edibles, meaning that up to 90% more of the THC you drink becomes active in your body.
  • Bioavailability means more bang for your buck. You have to take less than other edibles.
  • Müru is truly water soluble, meaning that it can be stirred into absolutely any liquid without the oily separation of other drink mixes and syrups.
Where does our THC come from?

We make Müru with nothing but the highest quality clear distillate available. Our current batch was made using 100% activate clear distillate from Cura Concentrates. The cannabinoid content is 90-95% with a decarboxylated THC content of 85%. In the near future we will be processing our own concentrates and look forward to offering Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid versions of our canna-mixer syrups.

How does Muru make THC water soluble?

Unfortunately, our process is proprietary for now. We would love nothing more that to geek out over the ins and outs as we're very proud of it. Suffice it to say that the process is low input and we took every precaution to protect the integrity of the THC molecule and its properties.

Are you an Oregon based company?

Yes! Muru is a proudly Oregon based and owned company. All of our products are hand crafted in small batches in our Clackamas Oregon based facility. We love this state and we love the cannabis community that we are a part of within it.

How many servings are in a bottle of Muru Cannamixer drink syrup?

As set forth by the law in Oregon there are 10 5mg servings in each 2oz bottle of Muru Cannamixer. Everyone will have a different amount that works best for them. For easy reference a teaspoon is about 5mg. Enjoy!

Can I use Muru Cannamixers with hot drinks?

Yes! You can add Muru to any beverage! Hot, cold, carbonated, it works with everything! Even plain water! One of our favorites is some Lemon Mint in a nice cup of hot tea after a long day.

What else can I do with Muru Cannamixers?

We have had people tell us they enjoy cooking and baking with Muru, or using it as a topping on ice cream, snow cones and sweets, and even using it to add a kick to other edible products! The sky is the limit with the Muru and your creativity! Share your creations with us on instagram with #whatsyourmuru

Why do Muru Cannamixers work so much faster than traditional edibles?

One of the fantastic side effects of Muru cannamixers being truly water soluble, is that it changes they way that your body can absorb the THC in our products. THC is it's natural state is a fat soluble molecule. Fat soluble molecules can not pass the blood -brain barrier and be absorbed into your system without significant time and work from your body. This means that the THC in your normal edible must pass through your mouth, esophagus, and stomach all the way to the intestines before it can be absorbed into your bloodstream to feel its effects. This product can take anywhere where from an hour to four hours to happen and is highly unpredictable as your body will only absorb about 10-20% of the fat soluble THC you consume. We have all had the experience of eating a cookie and getting way too high for too long, or maybe feeling nothing at all. That is no good. Let's be done with that!

The THC in a Muru product has been activated to become water soluble which allows it to pass freely into the bloodstream and through the blood-brain barrier with little work for your body, resulting in absorption rates of up to 90% compared to traditional edibles. This means that when you consume Muru, the THC in your edible can start to absorb almost immediately through the soft tissues in your mouth, esophagus, and stomach leading to the effect being felt in as little as 10 minutes in some cases. Users report that the effect of such rapid absorption is a clear, clean, "top down" high that encourages creativity and activity over the sluggish "bottom up" high of traditional edibles. This also allows for dependable and reliable dosing. We have worked hard to take the guesswork out of edibles so you can medicate with comfort and get back to enjoying yourself.

How is Muru sweet if it sugar free? Is it really safe for diabetics?

Muru cannamixer drink syrups are created using a base of sustainably sourced, all natural, USP food grade, non gmo palm vegetable glycerin. No sugar or artificial sweeteners are ever added to our products. Naturally sweet vegetable glycerin metabolizes differently in the body than sugar and therefore does not result in spikes in blood glucose levels. This allows our cannamixers to have the sweet taste we love with no added sugar and makes our product a great option for people with blood sugar regulation issues such as diabetics. One of the developers of our products is a type 1 diabetic, and we have done extensive testing to make sure that our products do not cause blood sugar spikes even when consumed in large amounts.

We all know what a horrible reality the palm industry is. Where do you get your vegetable glycerin?

At Muru, the health of the planet is as important to us as the health of our bodies. We use only sustainably sourced glycerin from certified fair trade and rainforest alliance certified sources.

Can I drink Muru Cannamixers straight?

While you can drink our cannamixers straight, they are really not intended for that. We have worked hard to create dynamic flavor concentrates that taste best when diluted into your favorite beverage. Please let us know how you enjoy your cannamixers and post your favorite recipes to our instagram page with #whatsyourmuru We love to hear how people enjoy their Muru!

What’s a good dose of MURU?

As a rule everyone responds very differently to THC and doses vary widely. Luckily it is very easy to determine your dose with Muru. A teaspoon is roughly 5 mg of THC. A tablespoon is roughly 15mg. If you are new to Cannabis, a teaspoon is a great place to start. You may find that a teaspoon is plenty, or you may desire a bit more. Luckily, because the THC in Muru is water soluble, you’ll know within 15 minutes if you’d like more. There’s no mysteriously long waiting period. A 2 0z bottle of Muru is not intended to be enjoyed all at once, but over the course of a handful of beverages. We find that most people enjoy the flavor and effects of between a teaspoon and a tablespoon of Muru per beverage.